Go Outside Your Comfort Zone


Most of you know I love both the gym and running. It took me some time to enjoy running and even the gym. I felt silly doing both, I didn’t like to workout in front of others or run in public places. It really took me a while to get comfortable with exercising and going outside of my comfort zone.

Since then I have tried some yoga classes and I liked them but they didn’t really stick and that’s mostly it…until yesterday. One of my friends has gotten into kickboxing lately. She is always saying how much she loves it, it is an intense workout, she literally leaves dripping sweat, and she’s noticed changes in her body. Pretty much what every girl wants to hear. However, my friend has always been athletic, she is also in the military and is a cop..so she’s pretty coordinated and in shape. I on the other hand, am coordinated but a KLUTZ! When I told my boyfriend I was going to a class on Sunday morning we both laughed and hoped I wouldn’t break anything…

Again, I have not tried much outside of the gym or running, so I was a little nervous going into this class. What if I couldn’t keep up? Or what if I did break my hand or wrist? Or I couldn’t get the sequences of punches right?

Once I got there I had to purchase a pair of gloves (only 20 bucks) and the instructor showed me the basic moves of the class. Afterwards we got started. I have to admit we were about 15 minutes deep into the workout and I thought OMG this is killer..apparently that was just the warm up. Afterwards we got more into punches, kicking, burpees, squats, and push-ups. I kept up the entire time and I was really sweating and feeling the burn. At the end of class we did an ab sequence and this is when I realized ‘wow my core is already sore from the actual workout and now I am shaking with these last few exercises.’

Overall it was an awesome experience and I cannot wait to go back! Today, my entire upper body is beyond sore and so are my calves and abs. I am so happy I got out of my comfort zone to try something new, especially since I ended up loving it!

So my advice to anyone out there who is timid to try something different or new, GO FOR IT!! You might end up loving every minute of it!



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