Running into 2017


I promise this won’t be a post about all my new year resolutions but it will be about what I want to accomplish. This year has been crazy to say the least. I took a job opportunity earlier in the year and within 10 days I had to find a place to live, pack my bags and drive 10 hours south to my new life. Adjusting wasn’t too bad, it was good to hop right into work so I was kept busy and moving also got me back full force into running and wanting to get into racing again. I had taken some time off from running (all this info is in a previous post) but since moving down here I have found my passion for running again and have been brainstorming goals for myself ever since!

To start the year off I have a half marathon in Disney, not to shabby of a way to kick off the new year if I don’t say so myself! This race actually got me thinking. I am originally from NJ and I have ran races in NJ and in NY as well. This will be my first southern race and I am hoping to complete another half in March here in SC. That’ll be 4 different states I have done races in. Not much, but like I said an idea started brewing. What if a goal of mine was to do races in the entire south east of the U.S? And then eventually make my way up the coast or inland? Something I have always wanted to do is travel more. Well what better way to travel then to sign up for races and go see the world?!!

A HUGEEEEE goal of mine is to complete my first FULL marathon in May. It just so happens to be right over the boarder in NC! Killing two birds with one stone there!

While I am in my quest to run races in different states in the south I am also realllllllyyyyy hoping to work on my speed. I am an average runner. Not fast, not slow, I am right in the middle. And for the most part I am okay with that. But 2017 seems to be full of ambitions. So I am hoping to shave some time off of my ‘easy’ mile time. I can comfortably run anywhere from 9’28-9’35 a mile. A huge accomplishment for me would be to get that down close to 9’10-9’15. I know I have my work cut out for me but I am ready for the challenge.

Since a goal of mine is to increase my speed I would love to treat myself to a run coach. To have someone helping you along the way I believe could make all the difference in the world. It’s different when you are telling yourself to do something because of you have planned for yourself in a workout and then following someone else’s direction and program.

What are some of your goals?


Happy Running! xx




  1. In the short run, I’ve decided to do a “pre-New Year’s re-dedication” instead of the New Year’s resolution after I’ve gotten out of shape. The goal is to not let the holiday season make me rounder.

    Best of luck with your May marathon!

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  2. great goals! Im in the same boat, I want to travel and figure what better way to travel than signing up for races and going!? Personally, Im trying to get my miles down to the high 5 minute range. Right now Im running 6:30 pretty easily, so Im working on improving my speed as well. Thats a hard part! Once your to a point where youre working very hard and still have a lot to improve, it really makes you look at your training in a scientific way. well, good luck! I will stay tuned to see how you do! THanks for your posts!

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