Don’t Believe Everything You Hear


The fitness industry has blown up enormously. Which is fantastic. It gives everyone a healthy outlook and desires compared to the idea that being stickly skinny is the “ideal” body. However, with any booming industry there is some stuff to work through and things to remember.

Everyone is different. Every body is different. Each person responds differently to fitness and health. Not everyone is the same and it is so important to keep that in mind before diving into training programs, cleanses, diets, and workouts.

Experts –

Some out there are absolutely fantastic. I have met tons of individuals who truly look at who you are, what your goals are, where you are at in journey, and what is realistic for you. However, there are some people that say “you should really try drinking this pre and post workout drink and taking these supplements.” They promote the fact that these drinks and pills will change the way you look and you’ll get the body you have always dreamed of having.


De-Toxes and Cleanses-

To whoever has done a detox or a cleanse I give you so much credit. Most of the time you feel like legit death when doing one. Yes, they may clean you out, but you can also drink tons of lemon water or just water, maybe take in some extra fiber and achieve the “cleanse” without the agonizing stomach pain.



They are exactly what they sound like. They are something that completes or enhances something else when added. So unless you are eating whole foods that are composed of protein, carbs and fats, supplements won’t do too much for you. Supplements will not dramatically increase your results. What you fuel your body with is truly everything. Make sure you are taking in the correct amount of protein for your body type and your goals, carbs, fats, fruits and veggies!!


You Have to Suffer-

You do not need to sacrifice and suffer and deprive yourself to build a better body. You DO need to push yourself past comfortable limits, make some healthier choices for food, and figure out when is the best time for you to get in a workout. It doesn’t have to be 7 days a week for over an hour. Heck, my schedule is so busy with fall sports I have about 20 free minutes in the am. You can do a fitness video for 20 minutes, go for a run, or hit the gym for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week!


You Can Look Like Me/ If it Worked For Me It’ll Work For You –

Like I said before. Everyone is different, everyone responds different to diets and exercising. For me, I cannot eat leafy greens and I have 1000 food allergies (mainly to fruits and peanuts). So a lot of those healthy options out there do not work for me. Plus, everyone has a different metabolism and digestive rate. Exercising also affects everyone differently. For me, running more than 3 days a week quickly decreases my weight. I have to pair my training with weights or I shed pounds super quickly. At the end of the day, no matter how hard you work you are going to look beautiful in your own skin and have your own unique strong physique. So stop comparing yourself to someone else. Because even if you both eat the exact same meals and do the exact same workouts you both will look completely different.


You Should Always be Dieting-

I get it. We’re women. We always want to look our best and feel our best. But having to diet constantly is hard work, and looking at the scale for our progress is not the way to go. We should try focusing on eating and cooking whole foods and avoid process foods. So anything in a package we should try to stay away from, which isn’t that hard. However, we need to learn and understand that it is ok to enjoy yourself and not worry so much. A few cheat meals or snacks will not alter your body image, make you gain tons of week, and undo all you have done.


At the end of the day it is important to find what works for you, and no matter what you choose, as long as you get in some physical activity 3-5 times a week, and focus on eating whole foods and limiting process foods I guarantee you will begin to notice changes in your body. It is just so important to remember that not everything out on the market is 100% effective without a well balanced diet and exercise.


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