Be Your Own Story..

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How many social media accounts are fitness based? Tons. Millions. Everywhere you turn there is something related to fitness. Whether it be about apparel, muscle definition, workouts, sneakers, running, crossfit, detox drinks. Fitness is everywhere.

This is great! As long as you stay true to yourself.

I can admit I get caught up in posts about the newest apparel and recovery tools and drinks. Or fitness challenges to get a sick body. Or how these people posting ‘fit’ pictures have immaculate form, are pose and seem as if they are good at absolutely everything they do. It totally makes you envision yourself just like this, even if it is just for a moment, but we all do it.

Does that perfect person really exist though? Probably not. For me I am an absolute spaz and probably the most clumsiest human being in the world. AND working out and running did not come easy for me. I am never going to be that flawless girl. I am the one tripping and falling over my own two feet, walking into lifting equipment, getting lost on my runs, asking my boyfriend if I am doing something right, and laughing and spitting out my water by accident. That is me. And you know what, that is OKAY.

When I first started on my fitness journey it was a HOT mess. I practically died the first time I set off on a run, and lifting weights? I was lucky enough to not get smacked in the face with a dumbbell the first time I went to the gym. But on my journey I have found that running for me is still an obstacle I love facing dead on, and that on my long, slower runs I can get lost in my own head and come out really understanding what I want out of life. Same goes for the gym. Yes, I still need help with form but who cares? I enjoy what I am doing and it makes me happy. I am learning in the process and bettering myself. You cannot get much better than that.

It is important to remember WHY you set out on this journey. Who cares what everyone else is doing or trying. Or how someone appears and looks on social media. Do what makes you happy. Challenge yourself, push yourself, laugh along the way and never give up. There were plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel but instead I got back up (after many falls) and kept striding along. I will never be the strongest or fastest but I will know I do my absolute best in everything I try and do, and that is all that counts.



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