Myths About Running Injuries


Running isn’t good for you. I am 100% sure you have heard that one before.

Normally you blow off whoever said that to you and forget about it a few seconds later. But does it hold any truth? Is running bad for your health or body?

What is worth believing and what is worth taking with a grain of salt?

I always have a moment where I think my body may not be able to handle running and then I pass some 70-80 year old jogging on the side of the road. Yeah shut it Katie, if they can do it you can too, but it is a thought that crosses your mind from time to time. Then you may start to wonder about other comments you have heard about your sport and whether or not they are true too.

Well I am here to debunk some of those ‘comments’ and give you some good truth!

You need to have a certain body type to run

No. Anyone can run. As long as you start somewhere and keep building on that foundation that you started to lay down you will increase your endurance. Anyone can do this. It is scientifically shown that if you continue to exercise 3-4 times a week you can increase muscle and endurance.

Running is bad for your knees

One of the most common myths out there. Form is everything, so yeah if you do not have good form your knees may hurt but that doesn’t mean you need to stop. It means you need to cross train and strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and hips. Females especially need to strengthen their lower bodies since our pelvis is differently shaped compared to males. If your not a gym lover you can purchase Therabands and workout at home! Resistance is the key to improving muscle strength. Plus pounding on your bones is actually a good thing. The repetitive pounding helps to increase bone strength.

Running in the cold can damage your lungs

As air in breathed into your nose and mouth, mucous helps to warm the air before it reaches your lungs. Blood flow to the lungs also helps to keep the lungs warm as well. If breathing in cold air hurts, try using a neck scarf to cover your mouth.

Runners should stretch daily

It has been shown in research that stretching only helps to improve flexibility. There is little to no evidence suggesting it may help reduce injuries and warm up your muscles. Some research suggests that if you stretch before running it could actually impact your run negatively. After a run if you are looking to increase your flexibility stretch then. If you want to warm up your muscles before running try a dynamic warm up instead.

There is no relation to running outside and on a treadmill

This is true if you are talking about scenery. Research shows that in terms of mechanics and pounding there is not much of a difference. So if you want to avoid running outdoors in certain conditions, using a treadmill can reproduce the conditions of running outside.

Taking a few days off from running will set you back

Taking time off from running can actually help improve your performance. Now I am not talking about weeks here, I mean days. A few days off will not set you back. Research shows that taking less than 2 weeks off will not drastically change your fitness level. You should also rest more than you think you should in between runs. I hate rest days, I get so restless, but the truth is your body needs time to recover and heal. Your body doesn’t get stronger and faster during your runs. These improvements take place when you allow your body to rest and recover.

Ice and anti-inflammatories are the best ways to heal 

NOOOOO!!!! Yes these two things help but clearly if you are injured then mechanically something is wrong. For example: you sprained your ankle, meaning your ligaments and muscles surrounding your ankle are stretched a bit more than they should be and probably weak. The BEST way to help recover is exercising such as doing balance work, calf raises, spelling the ABC’s with your ankle and then using ice afterwards and taking medicine when needed.

These are just a few myths. There are tons more out there and if you are someone who believes everything they hear I encourage you to look more into what you are being told! Hope you enjoyed the debunking!

Happy Running! xx



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