Running Hungry: A New Beginning


Well it has been quite some time writing here but I felt a bit lost and unsure of how I wanted to continue my blog. I love posting informative information but I felt like I was becoming disconnected from my work so I took a hiatus, a long hiatus.

Now, I am sitting here listening to Run to the Top podcast, typing away, letting ya’ll know what is in store for everyone.

I became move involved in running and becoming a better runner. Actually, more like I became obsessed with the sport and how to improve. It was truly amazing what I learned about running and myself along the way through my journey back into hitting those miles.

About a year ago I started wanting to run again and sign up for a race or two. I found my groove and fell back in love with the sport. Luckily, I missed the bulk of the heat in the south so training wasn’t god awful for me. However, I still had so much to learn. I had no set training plan, no goal in mind, I was just running to run. Which, looking back I had the absolute best time doing!

Finally it was time to race, I PR’d which was fantastic and I wanted more. My next half marathon I PR’d again, which is even more amazing, but my pace was all over the place. My stomach was doing back flips the whole time, and overall it was a good race but it was not by any means a smart race.

IMG_0782 2

I got myself a coach who was absolutely phenomenal. I could tell the workouts were making a huge difference and I was getting faster! Plus, I was running a ton more so my endurance was also improving. My next race was a complete disaster. Note to self: never run a race after April in the south. The heat and humidity are brutal.

At this time I actually fell into a funk. I had never trained in heat ,especially southern heat, and it was taking its toll. I had my boyfriend pick me up on runs, I couldn’t get my speed up, and my my entire body felt awful.

Time for another mini hiatus. Luckily for me, training in the evening became my saving grace (I am 100% not and never will be a morning person), and I fell back into a groove. I was gearing up for another half marathon, I felt pretty confident since cooler weather was supposed to roll in but come race day I did what you are NEVER supposed to do. I did not trust my training and I went out too fast and too strong. Lawd, always trust your training!!! So there I was at mile 6 dying, my legs shut down on me, and I was completely spent. I had a decent time, I crossed the finish line, but I was so upset with myself I broke down in the car. Luckily my boyfriend talked me out of my tears and made me stop feeling sorry for myself.

Now, I am gearing up for my first full marathon!! I am beyond excited and nervous. I first wanted to set a goal for myself time wise but then I realized crossing the finish line is the biggest accomplishment for me. My training is all heart rate based now since my legs are still feeling “dead” ever since the disastrous half marathon, I am finally incorporating cross training and body weight exercises, and I am focusing on proper nutrition as well.

It’s funny thinking about what you know you should do but don’t, and what you learn along the way. Then when you look back you go, “heck I knew nothing!”

I am running smarter, eating better, and finally strength training…with 31 days left until my full marathon. I figure, be smart, focus on finishing, become a marathoner and then turn training all around for me.

I have two half marathons coming up in January that are back to back. Not the smartest but oh well. I will have another month to prepare and I know what I want to do training wise. I also started a training/nutrition log. I always brushed off the idea and never thought it would help but it’s actually putting things into perspective for me about how I am fueling my body and exactly what is going in, plus the log holds me accountable for working out and running. I am someone who hates not doing something and having to cross it out or log 0 miles when I should have done a workout.

I am also focusing on listening to my body. Easier said then done. If I am sore and I know I need rest, I rest. If I am hungry and want to eat, I eat. Simple. It was tough at first to take those extra rest days but in the end when the next run is so amazing you know it paid off.

So, if you read through all of what has been going on I commend you. I will be posting more about training weeks, race recaps, and plans for the future!



What are some of your recovery methods and favorite races?


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