Booty Buster

I love when I have an athlete come into my job for therapy and we hit the final phases of strengthening! I love getting into sport specific drills and functional exercises. It seriously excites me! Which brings me to this workout…

I actually put this workout together for a former D1 athlete and they complained each time I had them go through it because it burned their legs and glutes so bad!! I even had some co-workers of mine give it a shot and they too said even the next day they were sore. So I figured I would share it with you guys!!

Do not let body weight exercises trick you into thinking they are easy! This circuit gives you a run for your money.

Forward to Back Lunges 20x ea. side (forward to back on one side=1 rep)

Forward LungeBackward Lunge

Running Lunge 15x ea. side (make sure you are hitting close to parallel and your knees stay behind your toes, you can also use TRX bands or a Theraband to help with balance)

runners lunge

Lateral Band Walks (unfortunately I can’t upload the video due to its size, if anyone wants shoot me an email and I will send it to you

This one is the big killer! Just when you think your legs were burning wait till you do this!

Find an area where you have a decent amount of space. This circuit requires walking back and forth at least 10 steps.

Place band around your ankles and make sure to keep your toes facing straight forward. Bend your knees slightly and begin. You are going to side step to the right 10x, side step left 10x, monster walk forward 10x, turn around to face the direction in which you came, and monster walk forward 10x again. Then monster walk backwards 10x, turn around and monster walk backwards they way you just came 10x. (10x = ten steps)


You are going to repeat all 3 exercises twice!!




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