Getting Back Into My Groove


There is nothing like waking up to a beautiful sunny morning am I right? Even though windy, it felt so good to wake up with the sun shining in my face and as much as I would have loved to roll over on a Monday morning, hit snooze, and get some more sleep, I knew in my calendar for the morning I had the words ‘run’ and’ arms’ written large and bold.

Even though it most definitely sucked to get up and get moving a little earlier than usual it did feel so incredible to get a run and mini workout in all before work yesterday morning! It definitely sets the tone for your day and week when you feel accomplished and cross things off your to do list, even if they are workouts.

What was even better was I was able to do the same this morning! Run and back workout accomplished all before 10 AM, can’t beat that right?

I have to admit, knowing I am training for something is definitely a huge push. I have goals I would love to meet, a marathon I definitely want to finish, so I have something motivating me in the back of my mind.

My marathon training doesn’t start for a while since the race is in November but I would really like to be ready for training to begin, plus strengthen while I run to help stay strong and avoid any potential injuries.

I thrive off of a runners high and hitting the weights. To me its a huge stress relief to just get out there, focus on the task at hand and have no other worry in my mind. I am always at ease and feel a sense of being light after a workout. I am hoping since waking up on the “right” side of the bed Monday morning helps me stick to my routine so it eventually comes easier to me.

For now I will keep hating that darn alarm clock until I get a huge cup off coffee in my body and hit the pavement!




  1. Maybe sign up for a shorter race? That’s what I used to do with my distance running. If I had a marathon or a half coming up, I’d sign up for a 5k or 10k? Also am a morning workout person….the coffee helps 🙂


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