Like Christmas Morning!


Ever since I put my running shoes back on and hit the pavement my shins have been KILLING me. It’s been awful, I stop my runs short because of the intensity of the pain and the way my foot begins to literally slap the pavement due to the pain. I’ve tried stretching, different exercises, balance work, and everything else I could think of and nothing has really improved the pain. Obviously I didn’t feel like being patient to see if in a few weeks the exercises would help more, so I decided to go to RoadRunners store Saturday.

Now, I need to remind myself walking into these kinds of stores that I cannot buy everything. I literally look like a 5 year old seeing Christmas presents under the tree when I walk into this store. I want to buy every running outfit, socks, different kinds of equipment, and shoes.

However, the mission of the day was purchasing new running shoes. I have always ran in Asics, but after trying on 10 different pairs and listening to what a few other runners in the store had to say, I went with Nike Zoom Vomero 11. I must say I was a little apprehensive at first since I have never ran in Nikes before, but they felt amazing on my feet and my arch so I decided what the heck.

If you are anything like me, I obviously had to test them out. The next morning, pouring ran and all, I set out on my normal route to see how they felt. I must say I was blown away with the comfort and how light they felt on my feet. My shins burned just a little (could be from a lack of stretching or getting used to a different shoe) but overall I was extremely happy with the way they felt!

Clearly I match with all my yellow accents

I’m just crossing my fingers all goes well here on out!

Happy Running!





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