Why You SHOULD Cheat on Your Diet


Before you sound the alarm I don’t mean jump off a cliff and go crazy binge eating donuts, cake, junk food and nutella.

But have you ever been eating clean and healthy and then one day you accidentally treat yourself to a delicious calorie filled meal and wake up the next day still looking super lean?

If you are dieting (or clean eating) the average intake of carbs and calories can be lower. Over time your body becomes accustomed to this change and realizes that it is getting fewer calories than it is burning and therefore it will try to restore the balance! Since you are intaking fewer calories, you metabolism will slow down. This will cause your metabolism to drop. This can cause you to feel more sluggish, have less strength and fatigue faster. Cheat meals will trick your body into thinking its getting enough calories and therefore bump up your metabolism to burn more calories and fat! Basically the intake of calories is bringing up those low glycemic levels to help restore the body back to its normal state.

So, what constitutes as a cheat meal? Maybe its a burger and fries, or a large portion of pancakes with nutella smeared all over. Whatever it is go for it and enjoy it! So how often can you have cheat meals? Try scheduling in cheat meals 1-2x a week!

Let’s be honest. It is OKAY to enjoy yourself. You do not have to be that person at a BBQ or a restaurant that brings their own meal so you do not fall off track with eating clean. Have that one cheat meal. Bring up those levels in your body and kick start your metabolism!



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    If you are eating healthy everyday and your systems are responding positively… It’s not a bad idea to cheat on your diet but not that often. After all you are observing good nutrition practice.

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