Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket? You might want to think twice before doing so.

You are getting ready to go out, you grab your keys, phone and wallet. What pockets do you put everything in? Probably the back right? More room for that bulky wallet you have been meaning to clean out for days and the keys and phone go in the front. You then get in your car, drive to your destination which takes roughly 20 minutes, and then sit through your 2 hour long movie at the theater. All the while your wallet remains in your back pocket. Over time you start to develop some pain in your low back and some that shoots down your leg. WHY?
Doctors have been saying for some time now to never keep your wallet in your back pocket and here is why. The onset is gradual, but your wallet (especially if it’s large and bulky) presses on the piriformis muscle in the buttocks which lays right on top of the sciatic nerve. The constant pressure on this muscle causes inflammation which enlarges the muscle and in turn that pushes down on the sciatic nerve. This then causes radiating pain in the back, hip and down the leg. Sitting on your bulky wallet can also  cause your spine to curve in an unnatural way since one hip (the pocket with the wallet) is raises up higher than your other. This can cause a sacral rotation (causing one leg to be longer than the other-this can be fixed with physical therapy) and localized back pain.
So, how can you avoid these aches and pains? Well for one, try cleaning your wallet out to reduce the size of it. You can also put your wallet in your front pocket to keep your sacrum in proper alignment.

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