Fatigue and Exercise


Staying fit and healthy is easy right? You get 8 hours of sleep no problem, you can hop right out of bed when your alarm goes off in the morning and swiftly get your life together and exercise all before having to go to work for the rest of the day. Yeah ok.

Truth is fitting in everything you need/want to do in one day sometimes seems impossible, and by the time you want to get to the gym you feel too tired.

Maybe you are waking up later, or struggling to fully wake up in the am. Or you get out of work and you feel exhausted after a long day. So you start skipping the gym which makes it even harder to get back into the groove of going.

Research shows if you log at least 7 hours of sleep it can help you go harder and longer in the gym the next day. So try and hit the sheets a little earlier than usual to make sure you get a full night of rest!

Make sure you are eating healthy and enough for your body! Try a free macro tracking site to help determine how many calories you should intake and what your breakdown of protein, carbs and fats should be. It is easy to consume processed foods because they are convenient. A lot of times we do not consume enough protein either. I actually downloaded MyFitnessPal and was inputting what I eat daily and realized I didn’t even come close to the amount of protein I needed to be consuming.

Stay hydrated. Your body relies on water to function properly. Make sure you try to drink at least 8 oz glasses a day ( 1/2 a gallon, 2 liters). If you deprive your body of water, you heart has to pump harder to carry blood to your cells which can cause fatigue.

REMEMBER! it is ok to skip the gym and take a break. If you are sore and feel drained and fatigued its smarter and safer for you to take a day off. Use it as a recovery period and get in some proteins and carbs to help your muscles heal. Forcing yourself to workout when you are exhausted can lead to even more fatigue, becoming sick, and even injury. Take rest days when needed!



  1. Yeah today was definitely one of those days for me! I felt so exhausted so I tried to stretch out to feel better and prepare for a work out but I just couldn’t. My body was completely resisting and was just telling me to rest


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