Pesky Thoughts From Females in the Gym

Weight Rack. Gym weights. Dumbbells

You think only you have these thoughts. Fact is, you are totally not. Pretty much any girl who works out has these pesky thoughts or problems. Some can make your blood boil and others just make you shake your head and wonder. I feel your pain. I am 100% guilty of some of these items on the list!

Slow Walkers Where You Are Running

Don’t even get me started with this one. Do you not hear me huffing and puffing and my feet hitting the pavement behind you?!! These people take up the ENTIRE sidewalk or roadway and never think to step aside..

The Person That Hops on The Cardio Machine Next to You

C’mon!! Even though there is a WHOLE row of machines available they hop on the one right next to you. Immediate questioning as to why and then the annoyance sets in, or the competition.

Forgetting to Shave

You walk into the gym and get right into your routine. Then you realize you have not shaved your legs or underarms in a few days..eek. You now start to wonder if anyone in the gym can see that you are hairy. The thought of someone noticing totally consumes you and you try to stay far enough away from everyone so no one gets the chance to notice your unkept body hair. You even think to change the routine you were originally going to do so you don’t have to lift your arms up!

Reusing Sports Bras

Admit it. We all toy with this idea and MANY of us even reuse them. Which one did you wear on a lighter day or which did you not sweat so much in? It shouldn’t be to smelly right?!

Wanting to Take A Quick Sniff

We are working out and working up a sweat! Biggest fear is walking or running past someone and them thinking to themselves, “holy moses that person smells awful!” Sometimes we may even run to the locker room or do a quick over head stretch to make sure you are not smelling awful.

Getting Anxious When Someone Picks Up or Uses Equipment You Plan to Use Next

You have a plan when you enter the gym. You know the routine and the weights you are going to grab, and then someone just hops on or takes what you need!! You feel completely frazzled and have no idea what you are going to do instead. You begin to plan during the last few reps and sets of your workout. You even start to slow down and take a longer rest period hoping that whoever is using what you need gets off ASAP!

Full Face of Make Up and Hair Done 

I give these girls credit because if I did my make up and hair before a workout session I would look like a hot mess. For me, I am going to sweat off my makeup and my hair will get greasy so why take the time to do it? Or the girl who runs with her hair down..but why? My hair would be knotted and in my mouth and soaked with sweat. How is yours not?!

Sweaty Benches

Ew. Wipe those off. Other people want to use them and not lay in someone else’s grease and sweat.


Kudos to that guy for working hard and pushing himself, but no one needs to hear the awkward noises during every single rep.

Sweat Patches

You are getting in such an awesome workout. You are sweating and feeling so good. But then you feel that trickle of sweat on your backside. Oh and you are wearing a light colored pant! Yikes! You start to contemplate how bad it is, is it super noticeable, how they heck are you supposed to get up and walk around with swamp ass?!! Yes we have all been there.

These are just some that I can totally relate to. What are some pesky thoughts that you think of when working out?!



  1. I am guilty of almost all of the above. Well, some, anyhow. The sweat patches for sure. I try to remember to wipe after use. I do not grunt. Ever. I hate it when all three bicycles are in use, for that is MY toy! I can’t walk. Bad knees and back. Oh, was this supposed to be about only females in the gym? How about those pesky thoughts we males might have when those frisky nearly-dressed females with perfect hair, clean sports bras, smooth-shaven legs, and absolutely immaculate shoes are grunting doing lifts, stair-stepping, running in place on the treadmills, or just grouping around the weightlifters who grunt. Oh, those pesky thoughts. I try to find a machine–any machine–so I face the wall, or watch FOX News, so I am not distracted from my purpose. Thanks for the advice, though. :o)


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