Aspiring To Be A Better Me


We all have goals in life right? Whether it’s to accomplish all on our to do list, run a marathon, or lose 5lbs, we all have something we strive for. I feel like recently I’ve been a chicken without a head running around and I find it’s easy to lose site of different goals and achievements.

What I love about the blogging community is that there is always a sense of ‘omg, this person feels the same about the gym and eating healthy’ and there is always great words of encouragement and support which actually drives me to be a better me, and to get my meal prepping done, and to get my lazy self to the gym even though I rather have a big ol’ glass of red wine and relax.

We are in an era when fitness is huge and we see these fitness models and athletes looking amazing, and doing these incredible things. Even other bloggers who set goals for themselves and achieve them! It’s easy to want that all for yourself, but the difference is actually going after it.

I found myself making a bucket list the other day by accident. I was looking up marathons that are great for first time marathoners, I actually started a list that turned more into what I wanted to accomplish for myself, and you know what, I am sticking to it!

I constantly talk to the talk of, “oh I want to do this, I want to do that” and I must say for the most part, if I set my mind to it, I do it. For instance, today at 12pm registration opens for the Disney Half Marathon, and you can beat your bottom I will be trying like all hell to get in! Why not right? It has been something I have always wanted to do.

So whether you are someone who just wants to grow their blog, or lose weight, tone up, run their first marathon, DO IT! We are capable of so much!


Oh, side note. My mom would like to make a contribution to the blogging world. I posted ‘Here is all you need to know about 5 weird ways your body could be reacting to a workout.’ I talk about becoming itchy while you sweat. My mom has found that using Eucerin has helped so much, she says she can now get through her Zumba routines and her other workouts without one itch!




  1. What a great post! It’s super overwhelming and difficult at times when choosing and/or sticking to our goals, but we need to always remind ourselves and each other to just do it! Best of luck with the Disney Half Marathon!


    • Awh thank you so much! Thanks for taking the time to read! It’s so true we get overwhelmed at times and life happens but we just need to stick to our goals! Thanks haha I’m crossing my fingers I get in!


    • I would love to do the big sur? In California! All up the coast omg it would be such a great scenic run! I googled best marathons for beginners and went the through pretty much every website and picked a few the appealed to me! I like flat courses so the ones in California looked awesome, I’ve heard amazing things about the marine Corp marathon in DC and the one in Burlington vermont looks so nice also! Just so hard to think about running 26.2 miles, ahhh!


  2. Great message! It’s so important to keep pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be. And being in a community where we have each other to cheer for is an added bonus. Can’t wait to read more!


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