Weekend Goals


We have made it through the week! It is finally Friday which means the weekend is upon us! There is nothing better than sleeping in, waking up when you finally feel like rolling out of bed, and for me my best gym days are on the weekend. I feel energized and refreshed and ready to tackle anything. Plus it helps that I am not going to the gym at 8:30 at night after a full day of work.

Another thing the weekend brings is thoughts of eating all the Reeses and Nutella in the world. I have been trying to incorporate my favorite snacks with something healthy. Like bananas and strawberries dipped in Nutella (not submerged just dipped, I can get carried away). Or Ezekiel bread with almond butter, nutella and granola. I used to find that on the weekends I would go a little rouge with my eating, but when I mix some of my favorite things in with something healthy it curbs my cravings.

Now that the weather is finally Spring-like another goal of mine for the weekends is to get out more with the pups. We have some great hiking spots along the Jersey shore, and why not enjoy the beautiful weather and get in a workout. With some of the trails you can stop at certain points along the way and there is a bar for pull ups, push ups and agilities. Why not stop and burn some extra calories right?

Another goal for this weekend would be to actually set up an Instagram account for my blog page..we will see how that goes. I want to incorporate facts about injuries, injury prevention, how to combat injuries, workouts, and some fun recipes.

I know on the weekends after a hard week of school, work and life, we might want to turn to our couches and watched all the Netflix in the world. My goal is to get outside more and get moving!

What are some of your goals for the weekend?



  1. My wife and I love making hearty and healthy breakfasts over the weekend. During the week breakfast is usually just something quick as we walk out the door, so we slow it down on the weekends and really enjoy our breakfast and coffee!


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