Positive Vibes Only!

positive vibes

Have you ever noticed if you wake up feeling not yourself, your day carries on with the same vibe. Or if you have a great morning your day ends up being pretty good as well.

I must say I had an amazing start to my day yesterday, I got everything done on my to do list and even squeezed in my first run that was actually a breeze for me! I always suffer from shin splints and I have been trying to do some balance work as well as strengthening in order to help reduce the pain, but the minute I hit the ground, within the first minute my shins kill. Yesterday I actually was able to complete an entire run pain free! It was amazing!! After my terrific start to my day, I drove into work and noticed I was more peppy than my normal self and the vibe carried out throughout my day and even into my gym routine that night. I felt like I could tackle anything with a huge smile on my face.

It does help that we are finally seeing some nice, sunny and warm days here in NJ, but it really makes a difference in your entire day when you wake up feeling good and get stuff done that needs to be completed. It leaves you feeling accomplished and it most definitely has an impact on your mood and outlook on the day.

I always hear people saying if you put out good vibes you’ll receive good vibes and if you always see the bad or complain you’ll receive more negative vibes. If you walk around all pissy and moody you probably won’t have a good day at all. Obviously there are going to be times in our lives where things happen and yes we are going to get annoyed or pissed off. I mean c’mon were human. But for the most part, at least for me, being positive and trying to always see the good in everything makes a difference in my whole day. It leaves me feeling light, happy, and ready for anything!

If you put positive vibes out you will receive them as well! So turn any day into a better day!



  1. I recently read somewhere that the simple act of making your bed when you get up in the morning can have a positive effect on your day. Lets hope the sun stays shining.


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