Causes of Low Back Pain in Golfers


Since I have recently moved to the golf capital of the U.S. I thought it was only fair I do a post for it.

Golf season is here and many will experience some aches and pains in their first several rounds on the course. Low back pain is extremely common among the golfing community and is caused by numerous factors. However, two common culprits are limited hip mobility and pore trunk control and core weakness.

Limited Hip Mobility (Especially hip internal rotation)

Internal hip rotation involves a rotation of the thighbone into the hip socket. On the backswing of a right-handed golfer, the right hip travels into internal rotation and then on the follow through the hip travels into internal rotation (the opposite occurs in a left handed golfer). If your hips are stiff it can cause strain on the low back since it will try to compensate for the lack of hip mobility.

Pore Trunk Control and Core Weakness

Core weakness results in an increased strain to the joints within the low back during rotational movements. Core weakness also results in poor posture throughout your golf swing. Since the core muscles insert onto the spinal joints of the back if they are strong they support and stabilize the spine.

So if you want the most out of your round of golf, keep reading to find out which stretches should be done before teeing off!

  1. Thoracic Rotation
  2. Thread the Needle
  3. Hip Internal Rotation Twist
  4. Left to Right
  5. Big arm swings
  6. Lunge w/ Twist
  7. Cross body stretch


Try also increasing your core strength! And this doesn’t mean doing 100 sit ups. Try doing planks, side planks, abdominal bracing and stabilization.

Click on the link below for demonstrations on how to complete each stretch and exercise!

the code is: X33LTG7




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