Runners Block


I’m not even sure if this is what it’s actually called but I am going with it.

Has anyone ever suffered from not being able to increase their milage? This was me a few weeks ago. I have put 4 half marathons under my belt so I know I CAN run but for some reason my legs would feel heavy, my feet felt as if there were cinder blocks attached, and my breathing was all over the place.

I was pretty dumbfounded how this could be happening. I did recently move into a hotter, more humid climate and took my time acclimating to the weather, but this was about 2 months into my move. For me, it was super frustrating to know that I am most capable of running but my body was not having it. I tried different breathing techniques, different pre run snacks and meals, different warm ups, everything. I ended taking a week off from running (I was running 4x a week). I figured what the heck, I was about ready to pull my hair out with frustration so instead I started hitting the gym more frequently.

Amazingly enough, when my rest week was over, I laced my sneakers back up, hit the pavement and had a great run. This lifted my spirits! I started setting small goals, I picked out a race to sign up for, I kept using positive reinforcement for myself, and the weather was cooler, which was a definite plus. From then on, I kept blocking out any negative thought that came into my mind and focused on just me and my goals. If I noticed myself fatiguing, I would turn my run into a tempo run to work on speed, and I found a great playlist to listen to (I am the type of runner who has to listen to something!) I have kept up with running 4x a week!

How do you guys get over your runner roadblocks?



  1. Climate change can surely be a big factor! I live in Austin, TX and it was a hot a humid summer and I was so depressed because I was hitting a wall after about 2.5 miles every run. I had to take walk breaks and my pace was slowed by a whole minute! It will take time to adjust to the temps but thankfully fall is coming! Keep your head up and just keep moving forward!

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  2. I’m still new to running so I have every sympathy with your heavy legs. If I have a tough day I tend to just write it off, do something different for the next exercise day in the hope it ignites enthusiasm, and hope the next run is better!
    Good luck finding your solution – although it seems you might already have done it.


  3. Sometimes I think we all just need a little rest, your body was obviously tired, it was telling you so, so you did the right thing by taking a week off running and it seems to have helped from what you say, so listening to your body was definitely the right thing to do 🙂


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