Beautiful Day for Beautiful Thoughts


When you look in the mirror what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Do you look at other fitness pages and think “I wish I looked more like her/him, or had her/his muscle definition”

You are not alone!

We all want that rockin’ body we dream about having. We all want to loose those extra pounds we don’t need. We all want better for ourselves, we want to be healthier and happier. We all look at ourselves, and think about what we want to change or have look different. Whether it be to look tanner or have more quad definition or a flatter tummy, we all have these thoughts! And it is great we all what to achieve goals and work our butts off to get there!! We set goals and we go to work. We are determined and dedicated, which takes us far in life!

But, what if we also looked in the mirror and thought about something we liked or we were proud of?

As the day goes on after that one positive thought maybe our day outlook would be more positive as well. Maybe we won’t go crazy over a cheat meal, or force ourselves into the gym because of that one cheat meal. Maybe that one thought can lead to more positive thoughts and happiness, and a feeling of being light and stress free! (Not at all saying that who ever looks at themselves in the mirror and wants to work hard for their body is a negative person or has negative thoughts).

But maybe it will help us feel even better throughout the day with waking up, looking in the mirror, thinking about your goals and dedication and that one thing you love most about what you see!!





  1. I want better quad definition, right now! Lol.

    You’re exactly right, it’s important to focus on our good qualities and our small victories. I always remind people that they should talk and encourage themselves the way they’d talk to and encourage someone they loved. Who would look at an adored child and say something like “Ew…so fat today” yet people talk to themselves like that all the time. A focus on the positive keeps your spirit up and happy…and you’re much more likely to be successful with your goals in the long run. Great post!


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