Constantly Spraining Your Ankle? Read Now!


I have noticed when I start running and getting into my groove I really don’t pay attention to the ground under me. I am a klutz, I can trip over nothing,  but sometimes I loose my footing, step on or off a curb the wrong way and more times then not I get a nasty pain after rolling my ankle.

I did break it a while ago when I was in my gymnast phase, and being a stubborn teen, I had my uncle remove my cast for me so I could swim and enjoy my summer.

NEVER DO THAT!! Since then my left ankle has always be weaker than the right and I constantly roll over it the wrong way.

Do any of you have this issue? Continue reading if you do!

An acute ankle sprain is the most common injury in both interscholastic and intercollegiate sports. An estimated 30% of individuals that suffer from acute ankle sprains will develop chronic instability.

People who have a sprained ankle (pulling of ligaments/tendons) are at risk of developing chronic ankle instability (recurring “giving way”). It is considered to be chronic if the ankle joint still gives way too easily six months after the first sprain, or if the ankle is sprained within six months of the first injury. Unstable ankles can easily be twisted again. 

The foot/ankle is the foundation for the entire body. Instability can develop if ankle ligaments are overstretched or torn and grow back together too loosely. All structures above it with a weight bearing responsibility are affected if you have foot problems (knees and hips). The ankle is also harder to heal because you have to walk around while it is trying to fix itself. The ankle is composed of ligaments and tendons which are structures that heal slowly due to the lack of blood flow.


Exercises to tighten ligaments:


Balance Work (Balance Matrix-stand on weaker ankle and swing the other leg forward/back, side to side, and pretend to kick a ball 10x ea., eyes closed tandem stance, wobble board)

ABC’s (spell the alphabet with just your ankle)

Theraband 4 ways (resisted dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion,

Calf raises/ Toe raises (you can do this with or without weight)





    • oh yes! haha I was constantly breaking bones as a teen and I could not stand not being able to do things. Quite the rebel. Oh same! Im slowly getting back into running, I would really like to do a few half marathons this year so I’m trying my best to take it easy and take care of my body!

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      • Yea I hear you, it’s so easy to get injured in running, at least that is what I’m getting from reading so many blog, so I’m really trying to stay careful.


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