Push Yourself!


How often do you finish a workout or a run and think, hmm I probably could have gone a little further, or lifted a bit more weight. Well, thats me from time to time. Like last night. I got out of work and went to the gym with my boyfriend and we set off on doing legs. I was finding that by the 8-10th rep I was not feeling much of a burn and could easily pump out some extra reps. That didn’t jive well with my boyfriend, if I don’t look like I’m struggling its not ok. He so kindly then put an extra 45lb plate on each side of the leg press and had me do what I could, funny I complained left and right and got 8 reps out of it. He always tells if I want legs like BuffBunny I got to actually struggle and push myself, and he is 100% correct.

Now I am not saying add so much extra weight to where you cannot physically lift it and injure yourself or push yourself till your sick and fall down, but if you notice what you are doing is easy, challenge yourself! And I should definitely start taking my own advice! We are capable of so much more when we actually try, and let me tell you, yes my legs definitely felt the burn, but I was damn proud of myself for actually doing more than I thought I could. And that goes for everything in life. There are times when we do what just needs to be done, but going the extra mile can be rewarding. Plus we will never better ourselves without challenging what we can do.

It makes sense to want the most out of your workout, I mean your taking the time out of your day to put gym clothes on, drive to the gym or go somewhere in your house to workout, or even walk outside to run. If your going to do something you might as well put your all into it! Plus, you’ll actually start to see changes in your body, your speed, your endurance levels, and thats what we all want to see is changes right?!



  1. Bang on! If you are going to get out there and do something for your health and body, don’t putz about. Feel like you have done something; sweat and feel great. Even feel a bit sore. Then you know you have pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone.


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