Runners High

dinseySince I finally got up enough motivation to put my running shoes on and hit the pavement I have really been looking forward to each new run I do. I was so shocked at how great I felt after both runs that it has only made me want to go more! So yes, I have a high going. There really is such an amazing feeling you get during a run when you’re feeling great, you’re moving well, nothing is hurting and you’re listening to some awesome music to keep you pumped up. I am doing at least 10 minutes of stretching with a dynamic warm up before and after my runs, and since so far all is going well, I am planning on signing up for some half marathons!!

My last race was in October and I had a horrible aftermath. For some reason when I finished running I got so sick and pretty much just wanted to lay down and die. It was my best time by far for a half marathon, it was a bit more hilly than I was used to and my pace was not overwhelming what so ever. Even what I ate that morning and the sport beans I used during my race were the same. However, I did not have a schedule or training plan, only ran up to 5 miles leading up to the race and proceeded to run a half the following week. Maybe this was the trigger, but either way, since then I had not run very much until now.

When it comes to running any race it is important to have a plan. Find a training plan that works best for you and your schedule and stick to it. You should also include in your plan rest days, stretching days, cross training and I even lift in mine.

When it comes to eating, it is extremely important to fuel the body before setting off on a run and even after once you get up there in your miles. You don’t just want to eat anything, you want to make sure the food you consume is easily digestible and gives you the energy you need to complete your run. After you complete your run you should take in protein and some carbs to refuel the body.

Once you start working your way over 3/4 miles you may even want to incorporate some fuel to keep yourself going during your run. My favorite to use are the sports beans. Gels tend to upset my stomach but the beans give me a nice energy boost without the cramps. You should definitely try out different products during your training sessions well before your race day. This will allow you to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you. Same goes for sneakers. If I’m in the market for a new pair I always try to buy them at the beginning of my training period to ensure they are comfortable and worn in for race day. The last thing you want to do is buy a brand new pair of shoes, wait till race day to put them on, and develop a blister or pain in your feet.

So with all that being said I have decided to begin a training program for my next half marathon…that I have yet to book. I want to properly train and ensure myself a great race with ZERO AFTERMATH. I would most definitely like to run the Newport Half Marathon in Jersey City, NJ. I ran this two years ago and it is such a beautiful run. Plus its all flat which is awesome. You go through Liberty State Park, right past the Statue of Liberty and it truly is an enjoyable run with great scenery. BUT the one I REALLLLLLYYYYYY have my heart set on is the Disney Half Marathon. I have always wanted to run this and I am going to try my absolute hardest to sign up on April 26th and get in. I already have my costume picked out so lets cross our fingers that I get in.

What are some great half marathons you guys have ran?!



  1. Such a great write! I learned a lot and related to a lot of what you go thru during a run. That feeling you get while running is like a natural high. You make me want to run right now lol. I’ve yet to do any races or marathons. I plan to this year. Good luck on your training!

    On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 2:13 PM, newhealthieryoublog wrote:

    > newhealthieryoublog posted: “Since I finally got up enough motivation to > put my running shoes on and hit the pavement I have really been looking > forward to each new run I do. I was so shocked at how great I felt after > both runs that it has only made me want to go more! So yes, I have” >


  2. I really want to run in the Disney race, but it has always been a bad time for me and my schedule and life has just been way to busy senior and now being college. I ran cross country in high school and have fun the Detroit Half Marathon, which was super cool because we ran under the tunnel to Canada and back over the bridge. Super cool, my mom keeps talking me into doing a Full with her but I’m not sure I’m ready!


    • Omg the Detroit one sounds so awesome!! I might have to get out that way and give it a try. I know what you mean it’s so hard to find time with races during school time and for me taking off from work is dicey. I have always thought about doing a full and some days I’m like yes I can totally do it and others I’m like OMG no lol

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  3. I can relate to this so much! You are so right, this was an amazing read! I loved it! I absolutely love running and the feeling of runners high is amazing! Good luck with your training! You will do amazing things!


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