Making It Work In the Kitchen


I have always eaten healthy, my mom is  bit of a health freak so the tradition carried on through me when I started prepping my own meals, which is great, but then i hit 21 and I developed food allergies and ironically at the same time stopped eating red meat. If they’re linked I have no idea but 4 years later and I still have to watch what I eat so I don’t have a reaction and I STILL don’t eat red meat.

So what am I allergic to? More like what am I not allergic to. I am allergic to peanuts, tomatoes (raw), kiwi, cherries, plums, mangos, oranges, and avocados. So clearly healthy food. At first this made meal prepping a bit of a challenge. I literally used to live off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and once I developed these lovely allergies it was hard to adapt.

It took some time but I have found great alternatives and different recipes to cater to my needs.

This week I am doing a strict clean eating diet. Boy is it rough. I have a weakness for all things chocolate (especially reeses) and from Easter passing and people loving to bring in cookies to work my will power was at its greatest. I have to say it’s Thursday and I have not had any cheat snacks or meals and I am damn proud! I have also lost 2lbs! I just need to push through to the weekend! I have found after the first week of a change in diet it gets easier to resist sweets or fatty foods. Since your body has not had them, it does not crave it.

If I can figure out a way to eat clean and healthy with food allergies anyone can do it! There are tons of great recipes out there catering to everyone you just have to look and get creative!


if anyone has any great recipes please pass them along! I love trying to cook new things!





  1. I have just started “Getting Fit” well actually trying to eat healthy and get moving instead of stuck at home on the couch. I have found that I have food intolerances and like you they are the Healthy Foods including most vegetables. I also have Acid reflux which makes it worse. I would love to know what foods you do eat and where can I get the recipes? haha keep up the good work. love the blog its helping and inspiring.


    • I’m sorry to hear you are going through all that. I have acid reflux also which definitely makes eating healthy more of a challenge especially since most fruits and some veggies are filled with acid. It took me some time to figure out how to make it all work. I don’t eat red meat so my protein is normally chicken, turkey or fish. I know that can get boring but I’ve found some fun recipes to spice up life. I actually made a vegetable lasagna not too long along with baked eggplant and zucchini (it’s on one of my blog posts actually for the recipe) it was amazing. I’ve found if I cook my fruits and veggies my stomach agrees with it. Most of my recipes I actually get off of Pinterest believe it or not. I type in healthy chicken recipes or something along those lines. I do have a board filled with recipes, my name on Pinterest is katieolini, if you wanted to check that out! Thank you so much for your kind words! If you have any other questions about food ask! I know how hard it is to figure out what works and what doesn’t work with your stomach.

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