Beat the Bloat


It happens to all of us. Whether we like it or not, sometimes are stomachs tend to swell and we feel all awful and BLOATED. And who likes that feeling?! No one at all.

So what is your best defense?

Put the salt down. Salt makes you retain extra water not only in your stomach but your arms, legs, feet and hands as well. It is also detrimental to your heart health as well! So put the shaker down.

Limit diary, beans and gassy greens. If your body is not used to intaking these foods, your stomach will bloat. However, since yogurts do contain a pro-biotic and the milk is already broken down, it helps with digestion and bloating.

EAT MORE FIBER! Fiber helps move food through the intestines quicker, which prevents bloating. If you are not consuming a large amount of fiber now in your diet, be sure to increase at a slow rate. Sometimes jumping from low levels to high levels to suddenly can also lead to bloating.

Eat smaller meals more often instead of 3 larger meals. Eating more frequently can help control blood sugar and manage hunger. Normally after a large meal we always feel super full and BLOATED. So try switching it up to more frequent smaller meals.

Don’t eat too fast! Did you know that if you quickly eat your food and barely chew you are swallowing more air. Slowing down helps reduce the likelihood of this occurring and it can also help to realize you are fuller faster than you would think!

Drink warm lemon water! It is actually quite delicious and I always feel more relaxed after drinking a cup. But to the point. Lemons are a natural diuretic and a gentle laxative. Paired with warm water this helps to cleanse your body of retained salt!

Rosemary and Turmeric are known to aid in upset stomaches and digestion. Try adding a little turmeric and rosemary to some tea to help reduce bloating!

Eat whole foods. Diet is really everything and it might get annoying to hear but it plays a major role in your metabolism, digestive system and bloating. If you consume processed foods (anything in a package) you are more likely to bloat due to the added preservatives. You are much better off eating whole foods like chicken, fish, vegetables, potatoes, etc.

I guarantee if you follow this guide you will notice a HUGE difference in the appearance of your stomach. When you wake up and have that flat tummy, instead of knowing it will go away once you start eating and drinking, you will see that it’ll stay flat throughout the day by eating smarter!




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