Setting Goals 

We all want to achieve something…

I got up enough courage to sign up for my first marathon!! I have done halfs in the past and I have trained for all of them but this is obviously different. For me, half the battle is all mental. It’s getting myself outside to train, it’s pushing myself to the gym when I would rather lay down after a day of work, it’s getting the motivation to do what I sought out to do! 

For the past few weeks I have found myself saying, oh I’ll start back up 4-5 days at the gym this week on Monday. Well, Monday rolls around and I’ll hit the gym THAT day and maybe one other time that week. I also am aiming to get out and run 3x a week until my actual training program kicks in…well I’m sure you can guess I haven’t really stuck to that plan as well. 

At the moment I am staring at the beach from my balcony in Cape May. It was a much needed mini vacation but it has made me realize time just keeps going and you either move with it or you fall behind. 

So I have turned to the old school ways of writing things down!!! 

 I wrote down my goals for this week. Monday- run and legs 

Tuesday- back/shoulders and core 

Wednesday- run and arms 

Thursday- legs 

Friday- long run 

I always find when I write things down I ACTUALLY get them accomplished. Plus I’m sick of hearing myself delay my running or the gym so it’s time to actually do something about it! 

I am going to fight the urge to do what’s easy and push myself for what I want! It bothers me when I know I want something and I want to work at it but end up not doing so. Let’s hope once I get a schedule down it’ll come easy to me! 



  1. I remember the day, exactly, when I made the decision to run my first marathon–Thanksgiving 1987. Ran the Los Angeles Marathon on March 7, 1988. I’ve run several since then but nothing feels like the first. Enjoy the training; it’s as much fun as the event. Good luck!


  2. I can relate to all this. Story of my life. Just keep trying and always have ur goals at the back of ur mind. No matter how many times u fall off the path, pick urself up and try again and never stop trying no matter how long it takes.


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