You Know You’re A Runner When…


When I first started running about 2 years ago I never really considered myself a runner. I think this was mainly because I went from never running to training for a half marathon within a day. One of my good friends had asked if I would sign up and do a half marathon with her. She did not want to run it alone and I figured I never in a million years would have thought I could ever run a 5k let alone a half marathon, and it would be a huge achievement for myself.

I continued running for fun, to stay in shape, and would look for races to run and sign myself up. My mom one day actually turned around to me when I was getting ready to set out for a run one morning and called me her little runner. I actually stopped and thought, yeah you know what, I am a runner! It does not matter if I was not always into running, or if I was only training for a race, or that I ran to get in some cardio, I was a runner! I pushed myself and did something I never thought I was capable of doing, and everyone who is a runner should feel the same! Now, I proudly display what I have accomplished!


Funny enough, when I see articles about runners and running I can easily relate and sometimes I find myself saying, “omg this is so me” at the posts. If you’ve been a runner for a long time, the running-related habits you practice daily have probably become so second nature that you view them as normal.

So you know that you are a medal-collecting, bib number worshipping runner when…

  • you no longer make fun of fanny packs because your running belt looks somewhat similar (but cooler)
  • you get jealous when you see someone running and your not
  • you are more concerned about how an injury will affect your running schedule than the injury itself
  • The most expensive shoes you own are your running sneakers
  • Your closet is made up of mostly running gear
  • You feel on top of the world after a race
  • You are quite amazing at peeing in conventional places (the great outdoors)
  • There is no better feeling than completing a good hard run
  • You feel guilty if you do not get a run in for the day
  • You find no greater joy then spending your money on running shoes, clothes or races
  • You wake up thinking when you can fit in a run today
  • You look at the forecast and immediately think about when you can run
  • You are always hungry
  • You are proud of your black toe nail or lost toe nail
  • You have so many race shirts you start finding unconventional ways to use them
  • You have more running clothes than work or everyday attire in your laundry bin
  • When you’re about to give up, you think about how far you’ve already come. With that thought alone, it is enough to push you to the finish
  • You cannot remember important dates but you can rattle off your PR no matter when it was
  • You can easily convert kilometers to miles
  • You know what a mile is from each direction of your front door






  1. I had a running phase. A friend got me to sign up for a 5k and I ended up doing quite a few of them and also a half marathon. I never thought I could even be a runner before that so it was quite an honor to be associated with this label. Now I experience many of the obsessions you mentioned toward dancing. 😃


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