Weird Things That Happen When You Run


Let’s be honest, weird things do occur to those who run. Whether it be massive amount of salivating or having to sprint home to go to the bathroom, we runners have some interesting experiences when training and on race days. Here are some issues that arise from running that I have experienced myself and heard about from others!

  1. Runny Nose– I have a non stop runny nose to begin with so sometimes hitting the pavement just fuels the fire. When pollens and other allergens are high it causes your nose to run more. Car exhaust is another factor that aids to the leaky nose as well.
  2.  Salivating- You might notice you have the need to spit more when running outdoors. Some of the factors are: Cold air-the air you breathe in through your nose must warm and humidify before reaching your lungs. This causes more mucus production which in turn causes more saliva. Exertion– when you begin your workout your lungs and cardiovascular system are cranked up which causes increase in saliva production. Allergies-self explanatory. You have an increase in mucus production and that increases the need to spit!
  3. Zoning Out– On long runs I cannot tell you the amount of times I get lost in my thoughts. Sometimes I don’t even remember that I am listening to music or I ask myself how I ended up in a certain area?! Maybe not the best thing to do if you are running on sidewalks or streets (I have totally tripped and busted my butt) but sometimes your mind just wonders!
  4. Metallic Taste– When you push yourself past your threshold your red blood cells pop (it is nothing to worry about!) it is more of a leak that occurs due to the extra stress placed on the body. The leakage from the red blood cells produce the metallic taste. It should go away relatively quickly after you finish your workout, and be sure to keep hydrated to flush the taste out as well!
  5. Runners Gut– Sometimes during a run our stomachs can start doing flips and you know you gotta go! Running can relax the intestines and help move whats in them around.
  6. Allergic to Exercise– aka exercise-induced urticaria. This just means you become itchy during exercise-an allergic reaction. If you do suffer from itching when you first begin a workout then it subsides as you continue on, that can be from dry skin or your body’s way of warming up as your capillaries and arteries rapidly expand and stimulate nerves near by.
  7. Brain Fart– Have you ever finished a run and could not remember where you parked your car or what the best way was to get home? This is normal after long bouts of exertion because your body used up most of its glycogen (your brains only fuel). Make sure you rehydrate with an energy drink or have a snack to replenish those sugars!
  8. Sore Shoulders– Your main method of breathing comes from your diaphragm. However, you have accessory breathing muscles that attach from your suboccipital region (base of your skull) to your clavicle. When you run sometimes these muscles help during with your breathing which can cause your upper trap muscle to tighten and elevate, which in turn can cause them to be sore!

What are some weird things that have happened to you on your runs?!



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