Wanting More


Have you ever come to a point in your life where there is clear path of a “past” behind you and you are currently sitting at ‘well I can just keep doing what I am doing’ or I can do something more? Yeah well thats me. I have been running for about 4 years now, I have done countless 5k’s, 3 half marathons and I’ve taken a few months of running off for the lack of wanting to run and for injuries. I do have a half planned in January and it’s Disney so I know I am going to want to enjoy the run more so then kick it into full gear and try to PR which I am totally cool with, but I want more from myself.

I am by no means the best or the fastest runner out there. Hell my comfortable mile time is 9’28. Nothing fancy but an improvement from where I used to be. I had a moment a week ago when a friend came to visit me where I held her pace when doing a 2 mile run. The average pace, drum roll please, 8’34. I shocked myself. It wasn’t easy and got pretty difficult in the end. I don’t think I would have been able to hold that pace for another mile but baby steps right?

For a while now I have wanted to improve my times and have been doing some speed work, tempo runs, fartleks and the likes but after getting a taste of pace like that I want more. I know I could be capable of more but it’s all about getting out there and doing something about it and it does take time. I have also thought of getting a run coach to help also and even joining my local running club. There is nothing like someone else pushing you to really get you going.

I never thought I would go from someone who just wanted to do a half marathon once just to be able to say I did one and prove to myself that I was capable of what I set my mind to, to someone who literally needs to get out there and do more and be more. My best half marathon time is 2:15 and my best 5k time was 28 minutes and change. I signed up for my town’s 5k turkey trot so I am hoping to play around with some speed and beat my time and the next goal will be to come in under 2:15 for a half.

It amazes me the determination and the need for me to do this. But it also feels great to want to work towards something that I know will be challenging and tough. I know I am going to have those runs where I want to quit because my legs will feel like jello and my lungs will feel like they are on fire but I am excited for myself to hopefully improve. (I’ll have to remind myself of this blog post when I am wanting to lay down and die during a workout). Running never came easy to me. I always had to work at it but there is this desire to want more for myself because I am capable of more.


Has anyone ever had a run coach or is one?

What kind of workouts do you do for speed?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!



  1. I was guinea pig for someone doing her run coach training before my half marathon. She really gave me a great plan, and between her and my pacer daughter I did much better than I thought I could.
    I’m also trying to work out ‘what next?’ but hopefully will come up with a plan soon 😃


  2. Really need to work on my cardio, this was a great post i find a similar feeling with weights. I find taking a little time off and coming back with a new perspective and feeling refreshed can help. Good luck


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