A Runner’s Christmas List!


It’s that time of year Santa brings you what you want most! So you got your pen and paper out and start your list!

Now, my rule is when I play Santa and go shopping for my family and friends I buy myself something as a reward for dealing with the packed malls, insane lines, and not having a panic attack when walking into certain stores (aka forever 21-my sister and I cannot handle this store). It’ll be something small but most likely something I actually need more so than want.

So if you are someone who needs help writing your list or maybe you have a friend who is a runner and you want to get them something, here are some great options!

A Garmin watch

-OMG my eyes light up over these babies. I googled them once and now whenever I go on Facebook or Instagram ads for the Forerunner 235 and boy oh boy do I want one!

High support sport bras

-Sorry men. But any female here knows supporting the girls is a huge priority when we are out there hitting the pavement. I had a few decent support sports bras but they do stretch out over time, my dryer ate one, and you can never have enough! Plus I’d love some pretty ones even though I’m the only one who knows what the bra looks like but it makes a difference mentally when your getting dressed.

Headbands/ear warmers

– Here in SC it is starting to get “cold” and I am someone who suffers from ear pain when there is wind or a drop in temperature. Plus headbands/ear warmers help to hold my beats in my ears, and some are super cute.

Hydration Pack

-Self explanatory: it’s essential

Energy Gels/Beans

-Because lets be honest you can never have enough energy!

Waist belt/pack

I have the flip belt and I like it, not in love with it. I like how its flat and not bulky, but it tends to slide up on me depending upon what I wear. So I need to do some research but I need a pack!!! Plus between, car keys, gels, cell phone, chapstick, etc. I need some storage space!! I have tried putting my car key on my laces but I’m a spaz and somehow they came undone and I had to back track, I tried putting my key in my sports bra and it was super sweaty and my car door wouldn’t unlock for a few moments until it dried-yes gross, and I have even tried to keep them in my car and unlock a specific door and well let’s just say my dad had to bring me my spare-so I need them safely in a pack on me.

R8 from RollRecovery



-Because a girl can never have too many clothing items, am I right?


-The right pair of socks makes all the difference in the world.

Running Shoes

I have a minor sneaker obsession so I would love to just add to the collection and when you fall in love with a specific pair of sneakers you feel the need to stock up on them before the brand discontinues that model

A bank account with unlimited amounts of $ to use on races and travel

-As runners we love and get addicted to signing up for races. We experience that high and feel accomplished after completing 1 we feel the need to race home and sign up for another. And why not use signing up for a race as a way to travel and see the world!!


And there you have it folks, a runner’s Christmas wish list!!!


Happy Running! xx





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