Balance is Key


When I first started getting into fitness and health I really did not know too much (even though I thought I did) about proper dieting, exercises, targeting specific muscle groups, even training for a half marathon. For me it was more trial and error. I did look stuff up time to time and would read a few articles here and there, but mostly it was me doing something realizing hmm that really didn’t work out well, let me try something different.

For instance, I would equate working out and training with being able to eat more. HA! I mean in a sense yes you need to fuel your body, but properly with the right nutrients, or you will gain weight or stay at your current weight. Being healthy is no easy task, I mean how often do you get sick of eating chicken and veggies?! And don’t even get me started on how many times I wanted to just stay on the couch or in bed and relax and do nothing compared to workout.

This is where I found my balance. You do not need to be healthy and exercise 100% all day everyday. I found that flexible dieting was my key to eating clean and healthy and treating myself from time to time (like to my Reeses or s’mores pop tarts). I am normally pretty good during the week, I love to meal prep and Pinterest has some fun and different ideas for prepping that keep your lunches and dinners fun and exciting. The weekends however, are my ultimate struggle. It’s like I put in all this effort during the week and boom the weekend hits and I’m running to the pantry door. I used to tell myself, ok Katie go for it and we will restart the flexible dieting on Monday. NO! I found that if I allowed myself a cheat meal 1 or 2x a week, I do not feel like I have never had a snack in my life. And who cares if you have a bad day? Instead of pushing off hopping back on the band wagon to getting healthy just tell yourself ok, next meal will be more nutrient based! So many times we have a cheat day and we turn it into, darn I messed up I will restart my diet another time. There should be no restarting, just getting back on track!

Same goes for exercising. You do not have to workout 7 days a week. I mean you could, but you really are not giving your body a break and time to recover. I found for me hitting the gym anywhere between 4-5 nights a week is perfect, and running anywhere from 3-4 days in the am is great also. I do not feel over worked, over tired and I actually get more energy and feel great after each workout.

This journey of being healthy, fit or whatever your goals are should not be so strict. It’s ok to hit bumps in the road and have a rough couple of days, but its how you handle them that matter most. Never give up and say well there goes that, I’ll restart in a few days. No, allow yourself some rest days and cheat meals, and if you find your struggling one day have a little talk with yourself. Balance is everything in the world of health and fitness, find what works best for you!




  1. Balance is KEY to living a healthy lifestyle and not just a temporary fix, you nailed it!

    Also, yes- balance is a cookie in each hand sometimes:-)

    Or pizza. Yes, a pizza in each hand!


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