Runger is Real


Posts about food are my favorite. I love eating. I am a small meal kind of person so I eat about 5 small meals a day. For me it’s easier on my stomach, I don’t feel so bloated, and I don’t feel tired and ready for a nap after a meal. Now, when I run my appetite shoots through the roof and I’m sure if you are runner yours does as well. I am not talking about running 1-2 miles a day, you might have a slight increase in your appetite but nothing like runger, I am talking 3-5 miles ran during the week (per day) and a long run on the weekends. Burning all those calories for fuel is bound to make your stomach grumble and it is so important to refuel your body so it can heal properly. After I finish a long run on Sundays I literally sprint to the fridge. It feels like I have never eaten before sometimes and I load up on some grub. Even if you take a day off from running, your body may need extra fuel to help build for whats to come in the following days.

What I love about running around the holidays is I don’t feel terrible about loading my plate on Thanksgiving or Christmas. My body needs those calories. When your friends are dieting to reduce the likelihood of putting on a few pounds during the holiday season, you don’t have to worry! Now, yes I love apple pie and sweets and I will have small pieces to try and treat myself but I do not hold back on the main course! I feed myself until I am hungry and you should do the same.

Your body is constantly needing food to help replenish what you lost. Your body needs food to repair damaged muscle fibers. The food you eat becomes your fuel. So EAT! If you think being hangry is bad wait until you experience runger.

Carb loading is my favorite time of year. Again, when your friends are worried about not fitting into the holiday attire you are shoveling down bagels, muffins, pasta, etc. It’s a beautiful thing. Your body craves the calories and to be honest I have no problem indulging. And you should not feel bad for doing so also. Again, you need to properly prepare your body for long runs and races. If you do not, this is how injuries occur and how you fatigue so fast you feel you cannot even run. The last thing you need is to get hurt. So if that means getting over the fact that you may need to shovel down some more protein and pasta get on with it! Carbs are not your enemy when you are a runner. They should be your best friends and incorporated into your meals. You need them. So eat them.


Does anyone else suffer from runger?

What are your favorite meals and how do you carb up to prepare?


Happy Running!


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