Enjoying Food Doesn’t Make You Fat


It’s Memorial Day Weekend!! That means going to the beach, relaxing and BBQ! You have been working hard on your summer body, you are going to the gym, doing cardio and eating healthy. Until this weekend…you indulge in the macaroni and pasta salads, you have 2 hamburgers with cheese on the buns, you have soda, maybe a beer or 2, you have cupcakes, and cookies. You are starting to feel gross or upset at yourself for letting go and eating everything. Why? You busted your butt all month long to look good in that American Flag bathing suit and you went a little crazy with all the delicious looking foods.

Guess what? You SHOULD NOT feel this way. You ARE allowed to treat yourself and enjoy foods that are not the healthiest. You should be able to live and eat without being so hard on yourself. One bad day is NOT going to make you gain weight. Sure you might be a little bloated but this is not your everyday meal.

We sometimes get so focused on being so healthy and fit we forget to let loose a little and enjoy ourselves. If you really feel that guilty eat a hamburger without one side of the bun or forget the bun entirely. Maybe have a little side salad with your meal. But overall, allowing yourself to enjoy some delicious backyard food does not mean you ruined your diet.

I have learned that a cheat meal here and there actually helps curb my cravings. Don’t get me wrong, when I indulge I sometimes feel gross or think ‘maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that’ but then I realize I am allowed to enjoy myself (in moderation obviously). I am not eating unhealthy 7 days a week. I also meal prep and hit the gym. Therefore, if I am out with friends and family I am not going to pass up a burger and fries because I don’t want to feel gross. What is one meal really going to do..nothing. Enjoy food with friends and families, allow yourself a cheat meal. Don’t beat yourself up or be so hard on yourself. You work so hard you deserve a treat every once in a while! And remember, portions are key!



  1. I didnt even realize i needed to hear this before I actually heard it now. Like you said, sometimes we focuse too much on being healthy and fit that we forget everything else. That is too accurate. I tend to beat myself up every time I “screw up” my diet. Im working on it, and I have noticed that once i let go of that negativity, I dont even want all those treats so much but even if I did I dont feel bad about it because it is okay.


    • I go through the same thing! It’s so hard not to but your so right once you let go of that negativity you realize you don’t even want the treats you crave and you feel good with yourself if you do


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