The Difference of Having a Running Partner


I have been running for a few years now, I have trained for 4 half marathons and I am currently training for my 5th in Disney! I am also toying around with running my FIRST marathon here in Myrtle Beach! Running for me has not only been a way to relieve stress but a way to challenge myself also. I can remember the first time I crossed the finish line. The entire time leading up to the race I had serious doubts that I would be able to run the entire half marathon, and to my surprise I did! I crossed the line at 2:18! For someone who hated exercising and running (I used to hide behind dug outs during field hockey conditioning in high school) this was a major accomplishment of mine.

I was so nervous to train my boyfriend (who is a serious freak athlete-he is literally good at everything!) offered to help. He would run with me, push me to go harder and faster on tempo runs and motivate me to go further on distance days. He was the one who also reinforced the fact that I should be cross training as well. Since then I know I have what it takes to want more for myself and push myself to get there. He helped build my confidence and my motivation.

Obviously I have completed many runs without a partner (whether it be my boyfriend or some of my girlfriends), and I have learned how to dig deep from within and find ways to push myself, but there is something extra motivating and even a bit competitive running with someone else. You find that you can run faster and longer with a partner, which is what I love most. Having motivation come from someone else with you gives you that extra desire to strive to do better than you ever have before.

Each half marathon I have completed has been run with a buddy! My friend and I who ran two together always had a pack that we would stay together no matter what and if we ever needed to walk we would. The others have been ran with my boyfriend. Knowing that someone was next to me running to reach a goal of theirs always kept me going. I never wanted to slow down or stop knowing they would do the same.

The most difficult race was ran with my boyfriend, the first half was mainly up hill and when we trained for it we did not have many hills where we were from. This posed to be quite the challenge but nevertheless it ended up being my best time at 2:14!

Now to convince someone to run the full in March with me!!


Do you guys like running with a partner? Or would you rather go at it alone?



  1. I ran my first half marathon in September and my daughter was my pacer for the day which helped enormously. I discovered the benefits of a running buddy when i joined a running club. I still enjoy my solitary head clearing runs, but a club means no shortage of buddies!

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