Making Progress with Motivation


So many of you know if you have been reading some of my latest blogs that I have had no motivation to go to the gym, I have been feeling tired pretty much everyday all day, and well yeah I lost my groove for running and the gym. I kinda went off the deep end and ate relatively healthy but had absolutely no problem turning anything junk food related. Due to this zero motivation I decided to sign up for a full marathon and a summer challenge that lasts 4 weeks. Sunday was my first day…

What is super amazing about the challenge I signed up for was they have a Facebook group. I am not a big Facebook person but reading peoples comments about how excited they were to start and all the inspirational posts and text really made me excited as well. Plus it is helping me stay on track. So many others out there doing the same challenge are putting there all into it, which makes me want to try even more. It is a fantastic support system.

I have actually had a problem trying to eat everything on my nutrition plan. My boyfriend has been getting some extra meals since I am beyond the point of full. I also started my marathon training and it felt damn good to hit the road and get moving again.

I must say, it is obviously early into both my training and challenge but in two days it feels good to be working towards something. I can honestly say I have had no cravings for anything awful, or chocolate, which is pretty spectacular and I am loving how I am back in the gym and on the road running!



  1. Down times happen to everyone. Because I’m a personal trainer, no one wants to believe it happens to me too. Are they ever so wrong. Being in a gym all day is sometimes a deterrent to working out.
    Your on the right track back. You’ve got a goal, a plan, and a partner. Have fun with your marathon training runs. I enjoy the training more than the event.


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